Frequently Asked Questions

On the login page, please click the Forgot Password link.
You can use our system and skip the “Upload PSA” step. Just click the “Skip” button when prompted.
Our system uses Double-Authentication to keep you and your money secure. You must authenticate over a second method such as SMS Texting to your cell phone.
No; setting up a profile is required before you can scan your Earnest Money Check.
The funds will be withdrawn over-night on the day your check was deposited.
Yes; you can deliver any and all funds to escrow via the platform.
No; the Title Company/Escrow Company, and their bank, will be the only recipients of your check. GainClients does not retain any images.
Yes. We have built our system on a PCI Compliant, Check 21 Platform with Double Authentication.
You can request a refund from the Title/Escrow Company, assuming there is no reason the Seller would try to claim the earnest money.
The Title Company/Escrow Company, and its bank are the only participants that receive the image of a buyers’ check. GainClients does not retain any images.